Desmond & Daisy both standing



Desmond & Daisy standing version. Designed by Jane Fraser and Elaine Graham. Price is for a pair of standing models.



designed by Jane Fraser and Elaine Graham

Anatomically correct, half life-size, clothed, adult, male and female models for use with young people with learning difficulties, those with sensory disabilities or poor verbal communication or for whom English is a second language.

The models convey essential visual information about the human body and facilitate two-way communication. Within special needs education they support learning about the adult body, sexual behaviour and personal and sexual relationships. Extensive notes for users are included.

The models provide a means of distancing personal and sensitive topics through drama and storytelling. Their design is such that race and age are indeterminate. Features are naturalistic rather than stylised or doll-like to facilitate their use as teaching (rather than play) materials.

Price is for a pair of standing models.