SRE and Learning Disability – resources

Picture Yourself (Original)

Picture Yourself 2

Periods – a practical guide

By Hilary Dixon and Ann Craft, illustrations by David Gifford To help students explore aspects of personal, social and sex education. 192 line drawings and photographs on CD on the themes of: growing up – public and private – making relationships – being private.

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Buy Picture Yourself & Picture Yourself 2 together for £30.00

By Hilary Dixon, illustrations by David Gifford. To help students explore aspects of personal, social and sex education. 192 line drawings on CD on the themes of: me as an individual – relationships with others – puberty, menstruation and wet dreams – sexual health – pregnancy, birth and parenting – same-gender relationships.

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Book and CD to provide women and girls who have a learning disability with a practical visual guide to sanitary protection during their period. With photographs and images educators can show a woman how to deal with her periods. The language used is designed to be accessible to a person with a learning disability. It includes a copy of ‘I change my pad’

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I Change My Pad (purse book)

Songs for Your Body

Photographs, one per page, illustrate the times when a woman should change her pad; how to remove and throw away a soiled pad; how to put a fresh pad in place; with a reminder to wash hands. This 32page booklet in A7 size, complements Periods: a practical guide and is designed to be taken away by the students and kept in her purse or bag for reference.

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This tried and tested resource contains a CD of twelve songs written and sung by Edwin Humphries. Edwin is a musician and mental health nurse. With the assistance of a comprehensive book of notes, these songs help someone with a learning disability remember a range of personal health issues from washing themselves, to disclosing abuse, to checking themselves for testicular cancer and going for a smear test.

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Condom Cards (pack of 11)

11 cards measuring 99mm x 105mm, showing how to use a condom, together with a guidance card.

For use by educators of people with learning disabilities or limited reading skills.

The reverse side of each card has a sequence number and simple caption explaining the picture.

Price £4.00 per set

Sexual Health and SRE – support for professionals

Chance to choose

By Hilary Dixon

Chance to Choose provides a safe introduction to SRE for educators who are new to the topic.

It includes 73 activities in pdf format on CD on:
– communication
– body awareness
– self-esteem
– relationships
– looking after me
– being sexual
– sexual health
– pregnancy, birth and parenting.

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Sexual Health Skills

The manual on CD includes:

Guidance for trainers on negotiating and planning training, creating a safe environment, managing groups effectively, how to end a course

39 practical activities on getting started, sexual health information, exploring values and attitudes, skills for sexual health, groupwork, sex and relationships education, endings

Models to explain theories and ideas that support sexual health training

Price £12.00

Sexual Knowledge & Behaviour (Assessment Tool)

This resource is for assessing levels of sexual knowledge and understanding of someone with a learning disability before and after a programme of sex and relationship education.

Developed and written by The Revd Jane Fraser, edited by Hilary Dixon. Enables professionals to assess the existing level of knowledge and behaviour of a student and to:

Identify confusion or gaps in understanding

Plan an appropriate programme of teaching
Evaluate the impact of a completed SRE programme

Price £25.00

Travels with Daisy and Desmond

Daisy & Desmond Supporting a PSHE Programme

Written by The Revd Jane Fraser.

Jane has finally recorded some of the amusing anecdotes relating to her work as a sex educator and vicar specialising in the needs of young people with a learning disability. Daisy and Desmond are life-like models (see details under ‘Our models’) who travel with her in a cricket bag by car, train and plane throughout the UK. You’ll hear about sex aids that cause alarm when accidentally triggered in the bag, an embarrassed airline baggage controller confronted with the contents of an innocuous- looking cricket bag and a railway porter surprised by some un-Christian language from the author triggered by a missed train – and more!

This A5 size booklet provides an insight into how she reconciles the twin taboos of sex and religious faith with a sharp sense of humour – not to mention the odd tot of whisky!

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‘Daisy and Desmond Supporting a PSHE Programme’ is fully illustrated CD with over 30 photographs of Daisy and Desmond. It gives a visual and verbal summary of how the models can complement the statutory guidance in the DfE’s ‘Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education’ document.

This resource enables the lead person in a programme of PSHE to:

  • Comply with learning outcomes for RSE and Health Education, including guidance notes.
  • It enables the lead person in a programme of PSHE to make a PowerPoint presentation on the use of the models, recognising that all those working with their students with SEND should be aware of how and when the models are used, not just those who have an active role in their use.
  • The CD contains an example of a successful PHSE scheme where the models have been integrated into their Life Skills programme.
  • It contains evidence of students’ work with the models.
  • Plus ready-made worksheets and strategies for use by teachers.

Price £20.00