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Bodysense was established in 2004 by the Revd Jane Fraser to develop and make available innovative teaching resources that respond to the sex education needs of young people of all abilities. Bodysense is an ethically-based organisation, with surplus from sales being reinvested towards the cost of new products.

The aim of Bodysense is to produce and distribute 3D anatomically correct models and teaching resources that enable young people to develop relationships that bring them acceptance, love and pleasure. Jane Fraser is responsible for the development and production of the models and has now added to these some tried and tested resources developed by Me-and-Us.

Me-and-Us are no longer trading but Bodysense is pleased that it is possible to continue marketing some of their  resources via this website and  catalogue. Together with the Bodysense resources, they  provide invaluable support for professionals working in sexual health agencies and relationships and sex education (RSE) responding to individuals and groups with special needs.

Bodysense Manager, Jane Fraser, welcomes enquiries about the suitability of resources to meet your particular needs.

These innovative teaching materials are based on 20 years’ experience by the author of teaching sex and relationship education to children and young adults with learning disabilities and training professionals who work with them. Their development also draws on comments and feedback from those professionals and other experts in the field. A skilled pattern maker, model maker, artist and seamstresses have been employed to create quality products at an affordable price. The models are tried and tested and independently evaluated by experienced user groups and individuals.

Although originally developed for use with pupils with learning disabilities in educational settings, they have been found invaluable as teaching aids for a wider range of children and young people in both formal and informal settings. For examples, see the page, models in use

Every stage of the development and production of Bodysense resources has been overseen by the manager who is experienced in their use in a variety of settings.